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‘Elephants for Fun and Profit’
Five Go Down to the Sea?
Knot a Fish EP. 1983
Kabuki Records Elephants for Fun and Profit [Remastered]
Hiding From The Landlord. 2020 Allchival Records
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Boole Library, 
UCC Campus

20th September

5:00pm - 8:00pm

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Des O'Driscoll

13th Sept 2019

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An Exhibition of Zines and Independent Magazines produced in Cork
from 1975 - 2005


Cork Zine Archive in partnership with UCC

5th July - September 2019

UCC Library, Cork

Flying Columns

Cork Zine Archive publication No. 2

June 2019

The Zine - Circa '91

Cork Zine Archive publication No. 1

June 2016

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Zine and Not Heard

Michael Olney

10th July 2019

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